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Advancing Communities

Jan 3, 2020

Cinnaire’s Advancing Communities Podcast brings together our Chief Strategy Officer Jim Peffley with thought leaders, policy makers and others who are making an impact in the community development and affordable housing industries. Our guests share their experiences and perspective on a range of topics, each supporting the belief that all people deserve the opportunities provided by living in healthy communities.

In this episode, Jim sits down with IFF CEO Joe Neri to discuss community development lending. IFF began more than 30 years ago and is considered a pioneer in the CDFI lending world for its unique approach to lending and rating risk for nonprofits. Nonprofits are at the heart of IFF’s mission, and its goals is to help organizations build net assets through ownership of their facilities. A majority of IFF’s loan recipients – providers of early childhood education, workforce development, affordable housing, health care, and other vital human services – operate in low-income communities and/or communities of color.  Jim and Joe Neri discuss IFF's unique approach to lending, the impact of redlining and institutional racism on nonprofits, and how IFF puts organizations that are led by and/or deeply serve people of color on the trajectory for success.